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My name is Shilbee Dhalla-Kim and

I am a Passion Coach. 

I work with changemakers like yourself to help you discover your passions and purpose, and unlock success on your own terms, through 1:1 coaching that improves your overall wealth and fulfillment.  

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


You are a leader and a member of a team that is envisioning a future of work where everyone's financial aspirations are met while doing work you love. Your values and well-being are critical to this vision. ​


In pursuit of this objective, you want to make strategic investments by looking for a

coach for people who are

building the future.


Through this coaching, I will support your growth—where achievements

extend beyond numbers and

you can realize success on your own terms. ​​

your  coach

For over 10 years, I have coached people on launching businesses, navigating career paths, and facilitating team collaboration for a shared purpose.


 Along with my own coaching practice that has helped over 60 entrepreneurs and innovators, I am also an instructor at McMaster University, and a facilitator and coach with Neolé Inc.


I believe it is possible to do values-aligned work that you love with people you respect and generate wealth together. In fact, I live it.


But this belief can be wishful thinking without individual intention, community solidarity, and collective change 

to make this happen.​


This is where my coaching comes in.


coaching Services

Discovering and doing work that you deeply care about is challenging

especially with today’s work pressures and burnout culture. 

It is common to feel stressed, unmotivated, and overwhelmed. 

 I can help you cultivate your passions and purpose at work, and strengthen your team relationships in order create

more flow and balance in your day-to-day.

Together we can work on one or more of the following priorities:


Discover your personal passions so that you can create purpose-driven work



Benefits include:

  • Clarity on your passion and purpose.

  • Support for preventing burnout.

  • Guidance and clarity for tough decisions. 



Hone your communication skills so that you can

build healthy working relationships 


Benefits include:

  • Advice for giving or receiving feedback effectively. 

  • Techniques for setting or maintaining boundaries.

  • Tactics for clear communication on difficult topics.


Develop an action plan to address challenges so that you can excel at work with more ease and fulfilment


Benefits include:

  • Sounding board on how to move forward.

  • Feedback on action plan.

  • Accountability on action plan. 

coaching DETAILS


“Shilbee’s guidance and approach elicited some deep insights.
Those insights gave me the clarity, confidence, and courage I need to pursue my creative and professional goals.”

— Tendisai Cromwell

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