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Remember your passion to find clarity in your work & confidence in your gifts.


Passion coaching helps you assert your courage to change the status quo. 


Trust yourself again.

OUR worlds need you.



Why Passion?

Passion is the alchemy of heat and love

that moves us to action.


The status quo can be stubborn and slow to change, and passion can be a source of power to shift us from stuck to momentum.


We are





Eileen Liu 


Storyteller & Founder, Queer of Colour

"At the beginning of 2021, I was at a crossroads in my career and working with Shilbee was instrumental in helping me determine my next steps. She was compassionate and empathetic, while also challenging me to step outside my comfort zone.


Our weekly sessions were a safe space for me to be honest with myself about my dreams and desires as well as my limitations. I believe the lessons I learned from Shilbee will continue to shape my career well into the future."

Karlyn Percil


CEO, KDPM Consulting Group INC.

"I recently hired Shilbee as a Passion Coach to help me dive deeper into the heart of what we do at KDPM Consulting Group Inc. This process resulted in us working together, diving deeper into the heartbeat of my passion. With every session, I walked away more connected and aligned with what I know is true. Through her process, Shilbee helped me unearth hidden dreams held hostage by my inner child, which reconnected me to the main heartbeat of my passion resulting in newfound clarity, deeper impact and a passion-driven roadmap for myself and my company. 


Shilbee is an incredible coach who knows how to hold non-judgemental space which allowed me to increase trust in self, allowing me to dream bigger. If you are looking to deepen your impact or find that spark again, hire Shilbee - she will guide you with passion."

Rob Mackenzie

Rob_Mackenzie_14152 copy.jpg

Former product manager & gym owner turned co-pilot of his wife's upstart chocolate business

"Shilbee helped me sift through my jumble of hopes & dreams and find clarity on a direction after COVID turned my world upside-down and forced me to re-evaluate my previous goals and life plans. 

She's a really great listener, and our work together helped contextualize my passion into something useful and applicable."

Kaitland Cooper-Parent

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at


"I met Shilbee through WOSEN Start program for social entrepreneurs in the summer of 2021. From our first coaching session together, I knew I’d found someone I could turn to for support at any moment. For me, it was not about finding my passion, but about learning how to make my passion and dreams come true.


Shilbee was there to motivate and reassure me every step of the way and never hesitates to offer her support long after the program has come to an end. As I take small steps to making my passion and dreams come true, I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with Shilbee’s wonderful soul. Cheers to celebrating passion, alignment, and living intentionally!"


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