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I coach changemakers, entrepreneurs, and community builders on how to clarify their passions for change.

As we move out of late-stage capitalism, we are building a bridge towards economies that are rooted in justice, cooperation, and environmental

My Story


열정 (Yul Jung) is the Korean word for passion.

열 (Yul) means heat.

정 (Jung) means love.​

You can feel this 열정 in our spicy food, in our passionate debates on better economic and political systems for the Korea peninsula, and as a thread in our long history of dance, music, and art.


Passion lives in my blood.

It is passed down through my ancestry.

A life philosophy embodied by my family.​​


Naturally, I am drawn to questions, such as "What am I truly passionate about?" and "How might we live passionately?"

I believe that using passion as a design principle in lifestyle choices will enable us to fall more in love with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us.

This can help us better serve. 


In fact, passion has been an embodied practice for education choices, career decisions, movement organizing, romantic partnerships, and community building. See the passion projects page.

For over 10 years, I have also worked with hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations through my practice that lies at the intersection of:

Racial justice;

Economic development;

Social entrepreneurship.

Below is a list of social impact organizations that I have helped start and/or worked with as a coach, a manager, or an advisor. I have also advised on local economic workforce development models that use entrepreneurship to improve economic livelihoods for low-income high-capacity families.​ During this time, I have learned from and curated frameworks that enable impact-driven leaders to clarify their passions and effect change.


In particular, I use anti-oppressive and intersectional approaches to ensure people can understand their power and agency within the context of structural, interpersonal and internalized barriers. These better practice tools and insights from the social innovation ecosystem have shaped my practice supporting leaders who prioritize the following values:



Environmental Sustainability.

If you are itching to clarify your purpose, and our non-negotiable values align, let's chat to see how we can work together!  You can book an exploratory call by clicking here






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