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Theory of Passion is an 8-week program with weekly
1:1 coaching sessions where we clarify your deepest desires using passion as an access point. 

Who is this for?

  • People who are feeling unmotivated, stuck, and/or exhausted.

  • People who are frustrated with the current state of the worlds, and want to be a part of movements that are building back better. 

  • People who are ready for the next chapter with their career and/or business but unsure where to begin.

  • People who are doubting themselves, lacking confidence in their skills, and/or feeling like an imposter.

  • People who are prioritizing justice, cooperation, and environmental sustainability in their day-to-day. 

  • People who are in their 30s—60s.  

What are the results?

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What is the approach?


How much is the program?


What are clients saying?

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What makes it Unique?
  • This program leverages expertise from 10+ years of professional experience as a leader and manager in pioneering organizations in the social innovation and social impact ecosystem in Canada. See the about page.
  • This program draws upon innovative business model frameworks that help determine feasibility of impact and income goals.
  • This program applies anti-oppressive and intersectional approaches to ensure people can understand their power and agency within the context of structural, interpersonal and internalized barriers.
  • This program uses safer and braver space principles and courageous conversation facilitation techniques to co-create coaching sessions that enable vulnerability, honesty, and courage.
  • This program ​incorporates 15+ years of using passion as a design principle for education choices, career decisions, movement organizing, romantic partnerships, and community building. See the passion projects page.


Thanks for subscribing!

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