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Why Passion?

Passion is the alchemy of heat and love that moves us to action. The status quo can be stubborn and slow to change, and we need more access to our passions to shift us from stuck to motivated. As we cope with COVID-19, growing divisiveness, and climate grief, passion can be a healing source of power that moves us to action. 


Changing the status quo also means a willingness to be transformed from within. As activist, philosopher, and revolutionary Grace Lee Boggs said, "Change yourself to change the world." Using this philosophy, we use passion as an access point for values, confidence, meaning and purpose as we build back better worlds.

What is delightful is that this path of passion is full of pleasure. This pleasure source is a crucial reserve to fuel and sustain our joy for the long road ahead in building a better world. As written in “Pleasure Activism” by writer, doula, and Black feminist, adrienne maree brown, we need pleasure to not only sustain ourselves, but also our movements for systemic change.


Passion is your tool

for this transformation

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